1. Are the roses real?
YES – the roses are REAL! They are grown like any other real rose but once they reach their maximum growth they are cut and a natural preservative is added. This keeps them fresh, moist and looking beautiful for at least 6 months. However, many customers don’t need to replace them for a year.   
  1. What colours are available?
Red, Dark Red, White, Antique Cream, Baby Pink, Bright Pink, Plum and Lilac. However, many other colours are available upon request (e.g Black, Blue, Lime Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange are just a few). This option is great for businesses looking to coordinate their company colour to the roses. We can also get most colours for themed parties and functions.  
  1. What maintenance do the roses need?
None! Just a little care and follow the instructions on the card you receive with your order explaining the following:-
  •  Do NOT water.
  •  Keep away from direct sunlight as this can affect their colour.
  •  Avoid air freshener, aerosols.
  •  Avoid excessive handling.
  1. If I have my own personal vase and would like it filled with your roses, can that be arranged?
Yes this is something we often do. Local home appointments are available to offer advice and collection of vases. Please contact us to arrange this.  
  1. Can you do any style arrangement and fill any vase not found on your website if I ask for it?
Yes I am always looking at vases so can get any shape,size and colour! I can also get vintage vases and one off pieces.  
  1. Do the roses have any scent?
Yes, they definitely do.