How long do roses last?

After comparison with Daily Mail's help, Roses bought from a range of stores seem to last only 1 to 2 weeks max. 

To name a few, these stores range from Sainsbury's, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Jane Packer and The Fresh Flower Company.

Now I don't know about you, but I've been hearing a lot about Infinite Roses. What are Infinite Roses? The name sort of gives it away. They're real roses but they last infinitely. Now, nothing is forever, but the name Infinite sure makes it seem that way. 

Infinite Roses, from Grow Gifts in particular, last for over 6 months and can reach up to 1 year if not placed in direct sunlight. 

Yes, hard to believe at first. It took me about a few weeks to wrap my head around the concept. But it exists. And it's great, mainly because they're real. They feel real, they smell real, they are real! They're as real as any other rose from Sainsbury's to Jane Packer but more on the quality side of Jane Packer.

Why do they last for 6 months to 1 year? Because Grow Gifts coats the roses after the roses reach their peak, right after cutting them off their beautiful bush, with a natural preservative. This enables the roses to last for so much longer, keeping them looking fresh, soft and moisturised for the entire period of 6 months to 1 year. 

Don't get me wrong. Infinite Roses are NOT dried up roses or preserved roses that are put behind a frame or in a centre piece vase on your dining table. 

What's worse than dead roses? Watching the roses die, day by day and having to throw them out only a week after purchase.

Lucky for you, now roses do not have to die that quick. And best of all, you don't even need to water them or do anything at all to maintain them. They just last. 

Oh, before I go, did I mention the price? Here are a couple of examples so you can understand it better yourself. I do not want to be feeding you numbers. 

1) The Fresh Flower Company
Ruby red and hot pink roses, £55 for 9: Cost per rose £6.11
A week later: Four days in the roses had wilted, and by day five the flowers had dried out completely, some of them turning black. The foliage had also sagged and shrivelled in places. Sadly the best place for these is the bin.
2) Jane Packer
Poppy bouquet, £120 for 12: Cost per rose: £10 (including free bottle of perfume)
A week later: After six days, the bouquet was looking saggy and wilted. A few petals were threatening to fall off. The wonderful scent had dulled by day four. 


By day four? That's it? £10 a rose and by day four they had dulled? 

I used the Jane Packer example because at Grow Gifts, Infinite Roses, are priced at £10 a rose and they last for over 6 months! 

I won't even talk much about Sainsbury's, Asda's or Tesco's roses, we all know they're places to get your milk or sandwich from, not quality roses you would potentially want to spend on. 

I will quickly mention Asda's example below, so you can form a better idea.

3) Asda
ES premium roses, £10 for 12: Cost per rose: 83p
A week later: The colour is just as vibrant, but by day six the bouquet had notably sagged. And the flowers are fragile: touch them and petals come away in your hand. 


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